Who investigates complaints about the RCMP? In ‘99.9%’ of cases, it’s the RCMP | The Star

The RCMP logo is seen outside Royal Canadian Mounted Police "E" Division Headquarters in Surrey, B.C.Source: Who investigates complaints about the RCMP? In ‘99.9%’ of cases, it’s the RCMP | The Star

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  1. I don t see any racist complains vs federal parole officers against aboriginals. How they treat and judge them without without aboriginal awareness trainings Q? Why are federal parole are allowed to legal lie and have that authority in the name of public safety when again don t have aboriginal awareness training. Why? Inmates that are more than likely to reoffend are released? The ones who are working with elders and more than likely never reoffend are kept locked up till their time expires. Why? Isn’t t education and job training for first nations inmate not taken seriously by federal parole officers. Why? Are junkies still using crack cocaine alcohol released early as compare to treatments of aboriginals? Like stating go out there committ more crime and come back as federal parole officers job securities. That should all be illegal… All my relations…elders are not allowed to have a say on behalf of aboriginals…and when they do make recommendations they are fired. Ex…caroline buckshot heads of aboriginal elders…who is she looks white allowed to choose elders she can manage and fires one inmates depends on the most. I have been in the csc system 35 yrs…seen all that.

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