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Indigenous led holistic healing and restoration movement for those impacted by the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) tragedy on Turtle Island.

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  1. There are so much racism in our halfway houses when it comes to practicing our culture…carving…no respect at all for artists. Carvers are the highest honored elders on earth. Their duty to bring back our ancesters spirits through carving is misunderstood. Carvers are honored over and above chiefs elders all get spirit advises from carvers.
    I just came from tim s manor in abbotsford I was kicked out of there because they said I was a fire hazard
    I moved there to carve and do art with and administration elders support when I started supporting myself through carving they said I was a fire hazard. Sad elder support that decision and not supported me. There is nothing else going on there traditionally
    They sound good but they are not traditional.
    That types of attitudes has to change towards us survivors of day school and residential school. There is no truth or reconsideration going on there at all. Everybody support junkies and don t care about survivors.
    All my relations


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