The Centre for Justice Exchange is a collective of academics, students, and volunteers who seek to share and create community justices and accountability. Many people who are caught in the system are isolated from the resources, support and relations needed to help improve their quality of life. We seek to advance justices that reflect opportunities to learn, grow, and create and promote an accountability that connects people in meaningful and supportive ways.

We advance community justices and accountability through research, education and the sharing of resources. This includes 1) networking and sharing justice research, information, and resources; 2) raising awareness of the current barriers to justice and struggles of people in the criminal justice system; and 3) co-creating in ideas and practices of community justices and accountability.

The Centre for Justice Exchange is committed to ensuring communities and those with the lived experiences are central to our work. We respond to over a hundred letters annually from people involved in the criminal justice system who are trying to improve their life circumstances. As we learn from these exchanges, we develop collaborations and initiatives to make justice more accessible and inclusive.

To learn more about some of our work and projects, you can write us at the Centre for Justice Exchange, 2600 rue College, Sherbrooke QC J1M 1Z7; email vicki.chartrand@ubishops.ca; or visit our website at justiceexchange.ca.

Thank you for helping us learn, grow, and create. Keep on keep’n on…

The Centre for Justice Exchange consists of a Director, Steering Committee, Advisory Members, Interns, and volunteers. Membership is open. All incoming members must read the Membership Manual and sign the Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement form.

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