About Us

Justice Exchange is a collective of academics, students, and volunteers who seek to advance collaborative and community justices. We approach justice as a collective concern with the aim of cultivating and connecting people and communities. Our current criminal justice system operates within an adversarial model that tends to individualize conflicts and social problems and segregate people from each other and the many community sustaining supports and resources. Concerns around safety and accountability are central to justice and should not diminish an individual or a shared public well-being. We believe that justice should help improve life circumstances, build communities, and provide opportunities for people to learn, grow, and create.

We imagine our vision of justice through four key objectives: 1) collaborative and community engaged research and dissemination with a focus on community justices along with the dismantling of segregative and punitive frameworks; 2) building constellations of resources through the sharing of information and community support; 3) public education and awareness on collaborative and community justices through public campaigns and projects; 4) pedagogical praxis

Part of our commitment to a collaborative and community approach to justices is to ensure that those who have the least amount of access to formal justice and other life sustaining resources are central to our work, learning, and growth. This includes working with people in and out of prison. 

Thank you for helping us learn, grow, and create!