Abolition List-Serv

Tawnshi, Hello, Tan’si , Boozhoo, Salut,

Welcome to the Abolition Network!

The Abolition Network list-serv is an online forum for people engaged in prisoners’ struggles and penal/carceral abolition across the land colonized as Canada and elsewhere. This is an opportunity to share our work, engage in cross-movement building and strengthen our networks.

Subscribers include prisoners, grassroots activists/organizers, researchers, academics, non-government organizations and others interested in promoting prisoners’ rights, penal/carceral abolition, transformative justice, anti-racism and Indigenous resurgence, among others.  Postings to the list-serv can include calls for action, events, presentations, activities, actions, publications, conferences, reports, research and discussions relevant to an abolitionist perspective in Canada and abroad.

The Abolition Network has two moderators. Vicki Chartrand, an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department at Bishop’s University, Québec with over 15 years of experience advocating for prisoners, women and children, and Indigenous communities. Nancy Van Styvendale, an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta and the academic coordinator of Inspired Minds, a creative and critical writing program at two Saskatchewan jails.

The moderators strive to create collaborative environments to help foster the embodiment of penal/carceral abolitionist values. Content that does not reflect this approach will be directed elsewhere. If you feel the list-serv is not living up to these values, please reach out and share your thoughts or experience.

You can send emails to abolition@lists.ubishops.ca or visit https://justiceexchange.ca/abolition/ for information. If you have received this email directly, you are currently subscribed to the Canadian Abolition Network list-serv.

To subscribe, send an email to abolition@lists.ubishops.ca with “Subscribe First/Last Name or Organization” in the subject heading. Leave the message blank and do not use a signature file.

To unsubscribe, send an email to abolition@lists.ubishops.ca with “Unsubscribe First/Last name or Organization” in the subject heading. Leave the message blank and do not use a signature file. Be sure to use the original e-mail account used for subscribing.

Happy collaborating, nurturing, building, moving and growing.

In strength and solidarity,

Nancy & Vicki