Unearthing Justices

A Collaborative Research Project for the MMIWG2S+ people

A Resource Collection of 500+ Indigenous Grassroots Initiatives for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit+ Peoplee (2020)

We respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians and caregivers of these lands
and to the elders of both past and present.

In the face of an ongoing colonial violence, Indigenous families and communities across the land continue to support the murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit+ people. The Unearthing Justices Resource Collection is an unfinished collection of 500+ of those grassroots initiatives.

“It is community supporting community – how is a criminal justice system able to respond in that way?”

Gladys Radek with Tears4Justice, Gitksan Wet’suwet’en and long-term advocate

What Justice Needs
Many reports have documented how the police and criminal justice system have been either absent or destructive in Indigenous communities and lives.  This 500+ collection shows the vast resource, skill and strength that already exists in Indigenous communities. It also reflects the many facets of what justice actually is and needs: accountability, advocacy, caring, celebrating, ceremony, compassion, educating, growing, healing, helping, honouring, mourning, nurturing, protecting, remembering, safety, shelter, sharing, and supporting among many others.

Much of this work comes at a deep emotional, financial, personal, and spiritual hardship and loss for the people and communities involved. It must be recognized, celebrated and supported.

What Can I Do?

Share the Resources
Share the Unearthing Justices Resource Collection with others so we can learn about Indigenous initiatives for MMIWG2S+ and support and grow community resources and creative justices. If you would like to add to the collection, please email justiceexchange@ubishops.ca

Unearthing Justices
A Resource Collection of 500+ Indigenous grassroots initiatives in support of the MMIWG2S+ people. This shows the vast resource that exists in Indigenous communities and the many facets of what justice is and needs. #UnearthingJustices #MMIWG2S #FundthePeople

Sign the Petition
Sign the Choosing Real Safety: a Historic Declaration to Divest from Prisons and Policing and Build Safer Communities collaboratively developed and authored by the Abolition Coalition and its allies. Broadly, we work together to realize a future based on meeting people’s needs for real safety, without relying on the violence of policing and without holding people captive in jails, prisons and immigration detention. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have committed to ending racism, and in particular anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, and committed instead to building safety for all of our community members through divesting from policing and punishment and investing in life-affirming institutions, mutual aid, trust, and our collective capacities to care for each other.

Thank you for sharing and helping us learn, grow and create better understandings of the what justice is and needs.

This project was made possible through the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture http://www.frqsc.gouv.qc.ca/en/. Please contact justiceexchange@ubishops.ca if you have any questions or comments.

How the Collection Emerged

The sources of this collection were taken from news, social media, online, and other public sources. Initiatives are documented by themes to more easily navigate the collection. The themes are not exclusive and there is tremendous overlap between each one. The collection is also documented by city and province more as a convenience, fully aware that all of this land is Indigenous country. We hope to soon locate each city and province on those territories and treaties.

The collection includes some not-for profit organizations, non-Indigenous and academic work where the activities are done in collaboration with families and Indigenous communities. In respect for the women and families, we avoid naming those who have been murdered or disappeared, unless the person is central to that initiative. If you would like us to add or remove any names, please let us know.

This collection of grassroots initiatives is not exhaustive, and we seek to make this information as full and accurate as possible to reflect the important work being done. If you would like to add, modify or delete an activity from the collection, please contact the Centre for Justice Exchange, 2600 rue College, Sherbrooke QC J1M 1Z7; justiceexchange@ubishops.ca. Any errors or omissions are solely those of the Centre for Justice Exchange.